Thursday, July 06, 2006

True Believers

Is it possible that at this late date, people are still saying this sort of thing:

The Clintons -- and the plural is more accurate than the singular -- picked generals for their political fealty rather than military prowess. The worst public examples were Wesley Clark (a Friend of Bill from their Oxford Rhodes scholar days), and Anthony Zinni. Having spent too much time in the company of Arab leaders, Zinni became addicted to stability in the Middle East and opposed the Iraq war from the beginning.

Is Anthony Zinni supposed to be embarrassed about being so obviously right? I would say that there are at least three categories (ignoring the mostly Democratic politicians who voted yes out of political expediancy) of people on the Iraq War issue. The first includes those of us with the sense to oppose it from the beginning. The second is made up of those who were once hawkish, but are now chastened by their initial support -- I would include Andrew Sullivan, John Derbyshire and Congressman Walter B. "Freedom Fries" Jones.

The third category is made up of the dwindling band of true believers, and includes Jed Babbin, the author of the above quote.

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