Monday, July 17, 2006


Now I'm beginning to wonder what is the cause of R.S. McCain's Smoosh obsession:
I suppose the Smoosh girls could have chosen other ways to express their disdain for the president, or they could have just kept their political opinions to themselves. But they didn't, and none of the "adults" -- parents, producers, publicists, record company executives -- who are responsible for guiding these girls thought to intervene.

So welcome to the culture war, Smoosh.

The way he is carrying on over them, you would get the idea that the girls of Smoosh are prattling on like Babs Streisand instead of casually wearing a button that you have to really be looking for to notice.

It must be getting hard to be a Bush supporter/defender these days . . .


Anonymous said...

I think it's easier to defend Bush if you do it the McCain way and pick middle school adversaries, including his response to a 14 year old's comment. An attempt on his part to establish a more equitable intellectual playing field, perhaps?

Donkey Cons said...

"Hugo Haase Hannover."

The words have stuck in my mind since I was a teenager reading Hunter Davies' authorized biography of The Beatles. I had listened to their music (hand-me-down records from my older brother) and now I was seeing them, for the first time, as they were in Hamburg. Leather jackets and DA haircuts.

"Hugo Haase Hannover."
Thirty years later, I still remember. So please don't tell me that such things don't have impact.

clvamerica said...

R.S McCain must be having a hard time selling Donkey Cons. I guess when you have a Republican president that can't claim credit for passing any major legislation or even minor legislation for that matter after 6 years in office the only thing they can do is blame Clinton and the Dems. Of course everyone knows its not Bush's fault. It must be President Hoover that created all these problems because I don't see any Republicans taking responsiblity for anything. Let's see Republican congress=pass no meaningful legislation in the past 6 years. Republican president =pass no meaningful legislation in 6 years. Hey lets write a book about the Dems and sex and scandel. That will solve the countries problems. Wow you Republicans have a great agenda I think I'll become a President Hoover ahh I mean Bush supporter.

Sean Scallon said...

McCain seems to be a man obsessed with the trivial in political way. He's a perfect Freeper.