Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Non-Human Corporations

Note some of the language in this post from the rightwing film blog, Libertas. It engages in a bit of preelection bet-hedging by blaming the forthcoming humiliating defeat of the Republicans on Hollywood. The post is about a presumably hagiographic movie about RFK. I'm no fan of Bobby, aptly described by Bill Kauffman as a "thuggish Marilyn-mauling (Joe) McCarthyite," but I don't see a movie about him seriously affecting the next election:
The fact that Hollywood continues to portray everything Republicans do (including fighting the War on Terror) as ill-motivated is something that has an effect on the public over time, and we’re probably going to see the results during the election . . .

Yeah, that's it. The Republicans are in trouble not because of their failings in the real world, but because the movies are mean to them. Libertas also notes that those identified as a "conservative/Christian/Republican/corporation/whatever" the movies turn you into a "dangerous, and almost non-human Other." Ignore the obvious for a moment -- corporations are by definition non-human. I don't see recently released movies often enough to know -- are movies these days the equivalent of Nazi propaganda? The examples Libertas lists do not give enough details to make the case.

Libertas is so exercised I'm surprised that instead of preparing for a Hollywood-induced Republican defeat at the polls this November that they aren't preparing their readers for a new Kristallnacht.

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