Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Some guy calling himself "Gaypatriot" says that Pat Buchanan is an "ex-conservative" for failing to support Israel's current war. But he is really upset about Buchanan running long at the 1992 Republican Convention:

I would say that Pat Buchanan represents the last of the conservative anti-Semites. Except that in 1992, Pat Buchanan made clear that he was no longer a Reagan conservative. As you may recall, in his celebrated speech to the Republican National Convention that summer, not only did he make angry statements, but he spoke far longer than the time allotted to him, thus, delaying the speech of the man who was to speak later that evening, a man whose ideas Buchanan once claimed to have championed -- Ronald Wilson Reagan.

What an outrage! But you know, GP has a point. Buchanan has been estranged from the right for some time now, even though he started a magazine called The American Conservative. Since "conservative" has come to be synonymous with Dick Cheney, Jonah Goldberg and Hugh Hewitt, it's no big loss to be dismissed from their ranks.

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Degu said...

Pat did not leave 'conservatism,' it left him. He's practically the last prominent TRUE conservative left.

Sheesh...I almost have to be careful using the term 'conservative' these days, as people automatically associate it with the Bushites, neocons, and their idiotic policies.