Friday, July 07, 2006

David Horowitz "Freedom" Center

In the spirit of the just announced David Horowitz "Freedom Center," I would like to announce the creation of several other new centers:

-The Bill Clinton Monogamy Center.
-The Michelle Malkin Anger Management Center.
-The Bill Kauffman Globalism Center.
-The Hugh Hefner Chastity Center.

The possibilities are endless, and await endowment by Bill Gates or some other rich person.


Anonymous said...

The Trent Lott Diversity Center
The Josef Stalin Individualist Center

Wirkman Virkkala said...

The Tom Cruise Center for Psychological Research

The John McCain Institute for Free Political Speech

The Bob Dylan Elocution, Intonation and Ear-Training Center

The Arnold Schoenberg Center for Cheerful Jingle Composers

The Eric Hoffer Institute for Tenured Philosophers

The Herbert Spencer Center for Brevity and Concision

The Zbigniew Brzezinski Little Checker Board Center and Go Adjunct

The Dick Cheney Center for Gun Safety

The George W. Bush Center for Inspiring Oratory

The Clark Stooksbury Center for Earnest, Kind and Non-Judgmental Blog Writing