Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Good News . . .

Our long national nightmare is over. Daniel Larison is back from Summer School at the Rockford Institute, where in open defiance of the Claremont Institute's Thought Police, he consorted with known and certified paleos.

Attention Claremont: while I wasn't there I am positive that not once did the Rockfordians discuss the applicability of the Declaration of Independence to Burundi.

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Scott P. Richert said...

Actually, Clark, I'm afraid you'd lose that bet. Both Tom Fleming and Tom Landess, in discussions of Mel Bradford, ripped apart the Jaffaite idea that the Declaration (and the Gettysburg Address) was "written for the gods."

So, in one sense, they did address it. The answer, however, was quite the opposite of Claremnt's—which, of course, is what you were getting at all along.