Monday, June 27, 2005

Where Have You Gone Colin Powell . . .

Pat Buchanan tires of the scoldings of "schoolmarm", Condi Rice:

Has she or President Bush thought through the consequences should their hectoring succeed in destabilizing and bringing down Saudi Arabia or Egypt? Have they observed how the elections they've been demanding have been going of late?

In southern Lebanon, Hezbollah and the Amal militia took every parliamentary seat. In the West Bank and Gaza, Hamas is so strong the Palestinian Authority postponed the July elections. If Hosni Mubarak held free elections in Egypt, his principal rival would be the Muslim Brotherhood. If the Saudi monarchy should hold elections, Osama bin Laden might not win, but my guess is he makes the runoff.

Some people want Rice to run for president in 2008, for some reason. I think I would prefer Chuck Hagel.


Anonymous said...

Surely you jest. Chuck has more in common with his colleague "Ted" than our President, or Condi Rice. And Pat Robertson couldn't find his political "rear end" with both hands. Wasn't that his aging mug on the promo for "" as he struggled to crawl back into the public limelight?

US News and World Report

I didn't realize that Knoxville had some of the best pot in the country -- you've obviously been smoking it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I confused Pat Robertson with Pat Buchanan. There was a glitch in viewing the oringal post while commenting -- perhaps a FoxFire incompatibility. In any event, same difference.

Anonymous said...

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