Friday, June 17, 2005

Move Over, Dick Durbin

More on the Nazification of America: here, here, here and here. Richard Poe: "I had also told Stanley about other Clinton crimes . . . I then understood why Stanley had called me. He did it to clear his conscience . . . I'll bet similar phone calls were made in Nazi Germany in November 1938, after the event known as Kristallnacht. Many ordinary Germans were horrified when Nazi goons rampaged through the streets, beating and killing Jews and burning down synagogues."

From FreeRepublic:

Just as the Nazis did, they are confiscating people's money, land, cars -- anything they can get their hands on.

Such conditions provide the fertile soil for tyrants like Bill Clinton, as we are witnessing . . .

Did you know that the leader of Muslim Bosnia that Clinton sided with was a Nazi youth allied to Bin Laden?

I sure I could have found much more with more time and effort. I'm sure that the usual suspects will express their outrage at this rank America hating forthwith.

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