Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Deadline USA

I love Mark Steyn's response to a reporter's suggestion that Glenn Reynolds doesn't know much about the workings of a newspaper:
Glenn Reynolds is a law professor. . .you can't criticize him for not being fact-based. If you go to every morning, and about twenty times during the day, you can see updates every twenty minutes it seems, he...the one thing he isn't short of is facts. He's got links to this, links to that. He's got both points of view. He's got several points of view.

So Reynolds is a law professor. I'm sure he knows a lot about how law schools work. I can't see how that helps him know how newspapers are run. I worked at a magazine for seven years and I have seen Deadline USA several times, but I can't say I know much about how newspapers work. The reporter was responding to the statement attributed to Reynolds that the New York Times released its recent story about abuse at the Bagran Detention facility in Afghanistan to divert attention from the Newsweek toilet bowl story.

If Reynolds actually believes that then he's a nutball crank who probably doesn't know much about how newspapers work. Contra Steyn, Instapundit is one of the least fact-based blogs out there. So much of it consists of links to other sites with a pithy "heh" or pompous "indeed."

I have found it very difficult to get Reynolds to correct errors.

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Tex MacRae said...

Another thing Reynolds does is link to other warblogs/bushblogs, etc who comment on an news item rather than to the actual news item. This gives him a layer of insulation since he can say the other guy was wrong.

I would guess that about 98% of the stuff Reynolds posts was emailed to him by sycophantic bloggers and readers.