Wednesday, June 08, 2005

When in the Course . . .

I got an email solicitation from Human Events hyping their deal to get a copy of Congressman Curt Weldon's book, Countdown to Terror, which argues that Iran is planning a major terrorist attack that our intelligence agencies are ignoring. How, I briefly wondered, could they hype such a book while excupating the current administration from responsibility. I should have known immediately that they would go to the Bank of Clinton, and always reliable source of low interest scapegoating for the right:

What is the intelligence community doing to prevent the 12th Imam operation? Nothing. They are, in fact, ignoring it.

After eight years of deep slashes in our defense and intelligence budgets by Slick Willie and his gang, decades of strategically disastrous over-reliance on technical rather than human intelligence, and a tendency towards politically correct groupthink, our nation's intelligence agencies are in deep trouble -- and all of us are at risk.

Bill and Hillary Clinton is to blame for almost everything in the eyes of Human Events, but one HE "expose" that they list stands out:

How the Clinton Administration's political corruption of the intelligence community destroyed the careers of patriots and put us all at grave risk today

Have these people never even heard of the Office of Special Plans, a Pentagon operation concocted for the purpose policizing intelligence to build support for invading Iraq?

I am surprised that it doesn't occur to them that Weldon's thesis is implicitly damning to the Bush adminstration. With 130,000 troops tied down next door in Iraq, the U.S. is ill prepared to deal with Iran, if it is such a burgeoning threat. But I'm sure that's Clinton's fault as well.

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Andre said...

You seem to have missed the point within the book. In the first chapter itself, he states that he believes that the intellegence community is not picking up the intellegence because they know the military is underpowered.

Perhaps you should read the book before you criticize.