Thursday, June 09, 2005

Taxing Matter

Neal Boortz entertains the issue of taxes to pay for the war in Iraq and has a ridiculous idea:

Yesterday we had a caller who floated the idea of a tax increase on the top 1% of income earners to finance the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. This idea would no doubt be popular with the 50% of American income earners who pay no federal income taxes at all, and somewhat popular with the a good hunk of the remainder of taxpayers. People love to hate the rich, and they love to see them taxed.

But ... no. Let's not do it. Instead, why not wait until Iraq is stable and operating on its own, and then ask them to foot the bill out of their oil revenues. If freedom works, Iraq is poised to become the richest oil nation in the Middle East.

Yeah, lets wait until Iraq can pay for it on its own, that will happen real soon. I've said it before; there will be tax increases to pay for the war, and the rest of Bush's reckless spending, when a less dishonest administration is in office. Anti-tax "libertarians" like Neal Boortz should own up to their support of big government in the form of Imperialism.

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Bob Weber said...

If Boortz is so supportive of the Iraq War, why doesn't he use his own money to establish a fund to pay a bonus to those who enlist in the army?
The army is falling far short of it's recruiting goals. If the chickenhawks won't or can't enlist themselves, why don't they put their money where their mouths are and pay others to enlist?
Bob Weber