Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Note From the Fever Swamps

The comments of the Polipundit post on the revelation of "Deep Throat" contain some interesting theories. I especially like the notion that "Hillary"(why not "Hitlery"?) is pulling the strings:
don’t think it’s at all a “coincidence” that this came out so soon after the NewsWeak fiasco.

Remember: Bob Woodward is waaaay up in the heirarchy of WaPo these days.

And . . . drum roll . . . WaPo owns NewsWeak!!

So, “Deep Throat” is revealed. And that gives the media a week or two to wax and wane about the virtues of – ahem – investigative reporting and anonymous sources.

It also gives them a chance to implicitly bash President Bush by association (hint: Iraq = Viet Nam, Bush = Nixon). And now they also can sit around and pontificate about Nixon’s scandals versus “DeLay’s scandals” or some such drivel. Hell, anything to distract the Drone bloc from the utter implosion of their Democratic Party.

It’s a rich tapestry of political ruthlessness.

Interesting that this bit of ?news? should surface just when former Nixon prosecutor Hillary is making a run for the presidency.
It’s my understanding that the statute of limitations has run out for the crimes Felt committed passing this info to the press. Lucky for us he never became head of the FBI.

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