Friday, June 03, 2005

It Doesn't Matter

Why does Media Matters waste time on silly statements by rightwingers that are nothing more than expressions of opinion. Some of the organization's posts have valid points such as this one about rightwing commentators who ignored the acquittal of Sen. Clinton's former fundraiser after hyping his trial.

But why bother to point out when Rush Limbaugh tiresomely panders to his listener's prejudices by declaiming that making elections a national holiday won't "help them that much" because "[m]ost of their voters don't work anyway." It hardly even qualifies as opinion. It's just a rant. Everybody knows about Limbaugh's bias, which I won't dignify as "conservative" (it's more like "yeah Red Team"). David Brock and crew could spend all of their time on Limbaugh, since every statement he makes is going to offend liberal sentiments.

The same might be said about Robert Novak. The MM guys whine that Novak said on Crossfire, "I don't bash Hillary because I think she's weak. . . I bash her because I like to." Who cares? It was on Crossfire -- the lamest political show on TV -- for crying out loud. Also it is the purest expression of opinion, which Robert Novak is entitled to.

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