Thursday, June 23, 2005

Show How Much You Care

"Brian" at "Blue State Conservatives" suggests you show how much you care about the troops by raising a stink about some remarks by Newspaper Guild president, Linda Foley. I have a better way for Brian and his buddies to "support the troops"-- get off of your ass and join them.


Bill Roggio said...

Perhaps you should check out Brian's "buddies" before you open your mouth.

Blackfive, USMC_SGT, Kevin and I have servered. And Lorie Byrd's husband as well.

Since when does having an opinion require military service?

You think you are funny. You're not, you are a bore.

USMC_Vet said...

Awe, come on Clark.

Eight years of active duty and one war isn't enough Off My Ass Time to qualify for defending a military and its troops from unfounded accusations of murder?

Well, OK then. Four more years it is.

...But I'm dragging your ass with me.

How's that sound? You can keep up with me crawling through mud & sand because I'll tie your waiste to my bootstraps. You can learn the interesting effects that can be achieved with C4, like the odd result when you mold it into the shapr of a frying pan or a hook.

You'll learn that, yes, you can still breathe when you think your lungs are going to pop out of your esophogas...and just how much snot you actually have when exiting a gas chamber...and just how easy it is to lay down a basketball-sized group from 500 yards...and how whining and bitching just gets your ass kicked by others in the same heat.

Or...maybe not.

Maybe I'll just refrain from defending those unjustly accused of murder until Clark The Righteous deems me deserving of the duty.

Better chance of that happening than you strapping on a pack and following me around.

USMC_Vet said...

Silly me...just noticed that you were in the Marine Corps yourself. It is then quite likely you can keep up.

So the question remains then...

Where are you in defending the honor of brothers deployed?

As a veteran yourself, your cynical approach to the matter saddens me.