Monday, February 12, 2007


Oscar Williams' George S. Schuyler: Portrait of a Black Conservative relates an anecdote of the type of wartime executive power only dreamed of by the Bush administration:

Another reason for the (Pittsburgh) Courier's change of position was the Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) pressure on African American newspapers to stop printing stories on racial violence against African American soldiers and civilians. The FBI documented articles they considered seditious and visited the offices to intimidate the Courier staff. Courier journalist Frank Bolden recalled FBI agents visiting the office and lecturing them: "They'd tell us to shut our mouths, you're hurting the war effort, and we'd just laugh at them." Schuyler, however, may not have been laughing, as the FBI's vigorously documented editorials of his that were seen as pro-Japanese and potentially seditious.

. . . Schuyler's articles addressing racial discrimination against African Americans were included in the FBI's investigation. In one such article, in the February 20, 1943, Courier, Schuyler commented on Robert Moses, an African American who, when sentenced to three year's imprisonment for evading the draft, stated, "I have no country." Schuyler noted that, "what Moses said, many Negroes could be thinking and it is up to American white people to make them think otherwise. Jailing them will not change their minds but democracy, fair play, citizenship rights, and equality of opportunity will."

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Big Bill said...

Neither fair play, nor citizenship rights, nor equality of opportunity have helped, Clark.

Not until white people are willing to divide up all the wealth, education, jobs and power in this country in equal racial proportion will the Black Man be happy.

We passed "equality of opportunity" and moved on to "equality of outcome" about 40 years ago, Clark, a scant twenty years after Schuyler was writing.

Nowadays, Schuyler would be considered an Uncle Tom for demanding so little.

So read Schuyler for whatever comfort and reassurance you can find as a white man, but always remember that Schuyler Negroes disappeared 50 years ao.