Friday, February 16, 2007

The Delusion Caucus

The "Victory Caucus" (a collection of rightwing bloggers) is up in arms about "White Flag Republicans" who oppose the surge, including Tennessee's (and Instapundit's) 2nd district representative Jimmy Duncan.

A.C. Kleinheider notes that the Nashville Tennessean ("A Tennessean Joins GOP's Iraq Critics) is under the impression that Duncan is some sort of Jimmy Come Lately to the opposition to the Iraq when he voted against the original resolution in 2002 -- when such Democratic profiles in courage as Senators Kerry and Edwards foolishly gave it their support.

UPDATE: Hugh Hewitt, a "Victory Caucus" field marshall grills Iraq War General William Odom on some of the benefits of the invasion:
HH: I’m asking whether or not you thought the Libyan disarmament had anything to do with our invasion of Iraq?
WO: None.
HH: And do you believe that the Oil For Food scandal would have been detected if we’d left Saddam in power?
WO: Look, we would have been less worse off, much better off, had the food scandal gone on, and Saddam were still there.

Is Hewitt for real?

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