Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Book Notes

I received a copy of Till We Have Built Jerusalem that Rod Dreher commented on the other day. It looks interesting and as an added bonus, it's illustrated.

I have also read the first few chapters of George S. Schuyler: Portrait of a Black Conservative which just came out. I hadn't previously known much about Schuyler, but he was an interesting character. A native of Upstate New York; he served in the Army, wrote a couple of novels, including one considered the first Black science fiction novel. He also wrote for Mencken's American Mercury -- all before the age of forty.

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I'm closing down my blog to join the new Conservative Times Blog with a few friends of mine I met at the last John Randolph Club meeting. Please remove my name from your blog roll and add that of the Conservative Times at www.conservativetimes.org. I hope to see you over there. Thanks for having me on board and I will still make sure to stop by.