Monday, February 19, 2007

Reynolds For Congress

Last week Glenn Reynolds expressed his disappointment that Jimmy Duncan voted for the Democrats' anti-surge resolution. Elsewhere in the blogosphere, there has been loose talk about primary challenges to Republicans who oppose the surge.

While it is difficult to unseat an entrenched member of Congress -- Duncan has been in office since 1988 -- an obvious challenger for Duncan's 2nd district seat suggests himself. So I hereby draft Glenn Reynolds to oppose Duncan in the Republican primary in 2008. A campaign by Reynolds would educate the voters about how wrong Duncan was to vote against the war in 2002 and how well things have gone in Iraq since then. He can call upon the triumphal spirit of April 2003, with its frequent "Dick Cheny I-told-you-so updates." His natural Freeper allies can help with his campaign and his rhetoric:
Dear 'Honorable' John Duncan,
In the 2006 Mid Term elections, there were many issues driving Americans to vote for their new Representatives.

Chief amongst them, was the desire NOT to see a Speaker Pelosi, Democrat (Socialist-Communist) control of the House and/or Senate and a general support of the efforts in Iraq/Afghanistan. While we did lose that effort in general, I was sincerely pleased to see you and a Republican Senator return to DC, I felt Tennessee had done her job in the attempt to hold the traitors at bay. And yet, now, you stand amongst them.

I certainly did NOT cast my vote for a Republican (Conservative????) to stand with the "Cut and RUN", "America is the Bad Guy", "Retreat (I mean Redeploy) crowd of LOSERS that the Democrats are.
. . .

Will you be happier when we are fighting this 'religion' (CULT?) here in America? Are you REALLY sure you thought it was correct to cast your vote the same as Traitor Murtha? . . .

Reynolds shouldn't be discouraged at the failure of Duncan's last primary challenger; or that of Richard Roberts, who ran for an open seat in Tennessee's first district on the basis of his strong support for the war and implicitly rebuked Duncan in his campaign. By the time the 2008 primary rolls around, either the surge will have been a rousing success, or Reynolds (and Bush) will be able point the finger of blame in a variety of directions: Duncan, the Dixie Chicks, the Liberal Media, those Hollywood fat cats, etc.

Of course, Reynolds isn't just a stalwart war hawk. He is practically a Renaissance Man: distinguished law professor, author, and commentator on fine consumer products from digital cameras to New Zealand butter. A real catch for the 2nd district!

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