Monday, February 12, 2007

Attack of the Soros Brownshirts!

I left an innocent comment at a Libertas post questioning the wisdom of our Iraq venture, for which I was called a "leftwing nazi" and a "Soros brownshirt."

Now, I can't imagine an insult with less sting that to be referred to as a Nazi, or to be compared to Hitler. Heck, who hasn't been called a Nazi these days? The "Soros brownshirt" part is original though, and if you are reading this George -- donate a few hundred thou to support my "work", and I'll wear any color of shirt that you pick out.

UPDATE: More from Steffanie:
Clarke your a koolaid drinker. Did you mourn for Saddam when he danced his jig at the end of that rope? Did you cry? You probably have never met an Iraqi, I know several. One of which is an Iraqi army officer. How many Kurds have you met? How do you feel about Saddams Anfall campaign or do you know anything about that? How do you feel about terrorists Saddam protected, like Abu Nidal and Abu Abbas? Or do you know anything about them? I doubt it. If you had a smidgen of education about terrorism or the middle east you would actually know something but your here defending an evil evil man, probably because like you he was a socialist and your dictator.
You can’t handle having someone dish out what you dish out everyday to people who don’t agree with you.
You think conservatives will roll over or ignore you and sorry but I won’t. I throw down.
Why? Because like so many now I am sick n tired of being the scapegoat and my country that I would defend to the death being scape goated for things people like have done or allowed to have happen. So yes your a Soros Nazi. You don’t like it. Tough life.

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