Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chanel No. Aieeeeeee!!!!

Here is a transcript (scroll down) to the Frank Gaffney interview that I previously referred to:
CARLSON: You really believe that, that it was . . .

GAFFNEY: This is what the Iraq Survey Group determined, hot production lines, and plans to both ramp them up when sanctions came off and to put them into aerosol cans and perfume sprayers to send to the United States and Europe.

Imagine how many times the following tragic event would have occurred in suburban homes across America if we had not invaded Iraq:
HUSBAND: Honey, we need to leave now. The Thompsons are serving dinner at 7:30.

WIFE: I'm almost ready, I just want to put on some Chanel No. Aieeeeee!!!! My Eyes! It burns! Oh the pain! Oh the humanity.

HUSBAND: Oh no! Curse those defeatists who stopped the Iraq invasion and allowed this to happpen!


David said...

This is hilarious!

Clark, I found your blog on Pat Buchanan's blogroll. (I'm a liberal and I'm agreeing with Pat these days. Is that surreal or what?) Your writing is superb and very enjoyable. Thanks to you, I also found the excellent American Conservative site. (I may actually be a conservative, after all.) You and many others are restoring my faith in the basic decency and sanity of my countrymen. I was begining to wonder if everyone had lost it.

Keep up the fine writing that you are doing. Not to get too dramatic about it, but you are providing all of us a valuable service.

Clark said...

Thanks. We live in surreal times, don't we.