Friday, February 02, 2007


Why would anyone consult the wisdom of Dick Morris on any issue? It's extremely crowded at the bottom, but I can't imagine anyone in the punditocracy with less credibility than Morris. Yet Richard Miniter of "Pajamas Media" interviewed him about the forthcoming presidential race. "Hillary will be President and she will mess it up!"

I wouldn't trust him with the time of day, much less the political prospects of Hillary Clinton. Three years ago Morris said in the New York Post that forthcoming Democratic nominee Howard Dean Would choose Clinton. Shortly after Dean collapsed, Morris wrote that "The demise of Howard Dean's candidacy opens the door to a Kerry/Clinton ticket in 2004." Yes, tell us more, Dick. Morris has obviously been a great success at being consistently wrong and I won't criticize for peddling his snake oil -- the man's gotta earn. But Miniter would get better answers by consulting a magic 8-ball.


Anonymous said...

Dick Morris, writing in a former alterna-Nashville paper that has been bought out and PC-ized by Gannett newspapers (why aren't their laws against corporate news syndicates buying out EVERYTHING?), wrote in favor of the house passing the senate immigration DEFORM bill several months ago when the issue was red-hot BASED ON THE BULLSHIT WALL STREET JOURNAL "STUDY" that concluded most Americans were FOR AMNESTY.

That study was famously decietful and has been excoriated on many of the blogs and produced the outcome its authors wanted. The authors wanted this outcome to give the house and senate the BS propaganda so they could pass the bill and then say "but we thought Americans were for this". Dick Morris, who in his tiny little heart, is just another neo-con (but one who keeps his ear a little closer to the ground at the risk of getting ants in it), probably LOVED the bill. He argued for it in that column as dishonestly as you would expect a souless political hit-man to do.

And I vowed to myself to never believe any "product" that poured forth from his lips in that whiny-assed tone of his again. He's a hack man. Nothing more.

Sean Scallon said...

Never has a man licked so many toes and been so famous...

One would think the standard for being a pundit is being insightful and actually RIGHT about few things but Morris can't even reach that status. Remember Jean Pirro for U.S. Senate in New York? Morris was pimping her candidacy to any who would listen and how was he treated after her candidacy imploded? Was he fired for stupidity? I guess at Fox News you're employable only by how notorious you are (Of course it helps being a neocon too.)

His obsession with Hilary Clinton is at once hilarious as a spurned lover and as frightening as stalker. What would he do without her?