Thursday, June 29, 2006

Saving Terre Haute

Boy, was I ever wrong to oppose invading Iraq. First, Rick Santorum courageously defied the Liberal Media to reveal the discovery of hundreds of aged, rusty mustard and sarin gas shells. Then, I tell the world about Saddam's secret supply of U-boats and triplanes (full disclosure: I made it all up).

Now, someone who calls herself the Chickenhawk Express (so you know she's not a nut) tells of the discovery of more Memos of Mass Distruction:

JVeritas over at FReeperville is still translating those documents from Iraq. He posted about his latest translation here. Given the announcement by Sen. Santorum last week and the previous document translations, it is getting more difficult for the Libs to continue their "no wmd's in Iraq" meme. Here's some of JVeritas' info...

Document dated January 2002 contain memos that talk about finalized research and the plans to locally produce Chemical Materials that can be used as Precursors for Chemical Weapons and that are prohibited by the United Nations for Iraq to produce locally . . . However Iraq was absolutely prohibited from manufacturing it locally because it will not be controlled by the UN and thus it can be used to produce Chemical Weapons . . .

The evidence is mounting day by day. But don't expect the enemedia to report any of this. It doesn't fit their "Bush Lied - People Died" agenda. You can read the full translation here.

Can you imagine the danger America faced from this? First they produce memos. Then they have meetings to discuss said memos. Then they revise the memos on the basis of the meetings. Then a computer crash forces them to start over. Then a temp spills coffee on them. but eventually it happens: Terre Haute, Indiana is a wasteland. And the Liberal "enemedia" don't even care because they never did care much for Terre Haute to begin with.

I've learned my lesson. I'll never question the President and his supporters again -- no matter how absurd their claims.

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