Monday, June 26, 2006

Great News!

As if they didn't already have the A-team of the blogosphere, K-Lo informs us that National Review Online is adding a Mona Charen blog. I see they didn't allow the miserable failure of "Can She Be Stopped" to deter them from expanding.


Anonymous said...

Adding Mona Charen. Be still my heart as in flat line.
When I was a kid in the '70s, I actually went and read back issues of NR.
Today, most of the NR folks remind me of the conservatives that the liberal college newspapers editors allow to be columnists, harmless buffoons with no intellectual power.
What happens at NR these days? Does someone at the think tank call to get their kid or girlfriend a job?
Was it Buckley's ultimate goal to be mayor of Munchkin Land?

Sean Scallon said...

Never let it be said NR is an inclusive publication and online site, talent or no talent. I think conservative publications of today the emphasis is more on lining-up notable pundits and columnists that have been on TV rather than finding something interesting to say.

One can argue that Chronicles of today is the NR of yesterday.