Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lower Standards

How low have standards become for the right to declare victory these days? Rush Limbaugh provides an answer by celebrating the fact that Karl Rove avoided indictment and, more importantly, the president was able to sneak into Iraq with enough security -- ABC News reported that only Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld knew -- that he avoided being blown up.

This is victory? More than three years after you know what it is still not safe enough to have a normal visit to Iraq and that's reason to brag?

In related news, another partisan hack is smug because deficit is going to be cut in half sooner than Bush predicted. You know, the deficit that was zero when Bush took office.


Dylan said...

Um...he's not smug about the deficit reduction, he's disgusted by the terrible and misleading NYT headline.

Clark said...

No, he's imagining a Liberally Biased Times headline. Otherwise he would have provided a link.