Monday, June 26, 2006

Bueller? Bueller?

Ben Stein. Has this guy accomplished anything of value since Ferris Bueller's Day Off? In today's American Spectator he explains why he is a Republican -- they are so nice:
But Karl Rove is why I am a Republican. He is how Republicans are. Richard Nixon was not kidding fifty-four years ago when he talked about his wife, Pat, not having a fur coat, but instead happily owned ". . . a good Republican cloth coat . . ."

The real Republicans are the hardware store owners in Little Rock, the factory workers in Kentucky who believe in life, the retired aerospace workers in Palm Desert who are concerned about the moral decay of the culture. The wearers of cloth coats. Those are Republicans, to me. The Republican Party is not really about ending the inheritance tax for billionaires. The real Republicans don't even know billionaires. (Most billionaires are Democrats, anyway.) The real Republicans are not about Iraq or the ABM. They are about loving their neighbors and wanting to pass on the same great America they knew as children to their grandchildren.

Real Republicans are not haters. Not ever. It's just not in them to hate, just as it's not in any real American to hate any other American who lives within the law.

Anyway, I left the evening just in a state of amazement about Karl. This is the assassin? This is the thug? Wow, do his critics not know him. But you know what? They wouldn't stop hating him even if they did know him, because that's who they are, no matter who he is.

Really? Because they seem pretty focussed on ending the inheritance tax -- "death tax" in their parlance -- to help the very wealthy. I'm not sure what the Little Rock shopkeepers and Kentucky factory workers are getting from the from the Republicans these days other than biennial political campaigns of "the fags are coming to abort your American flags"; while delivering endless war and a house-of-cards economy based on mountains of debt.

But Karl Rove is so nice!

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