Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Unqualified contempt

Michelle Malkin is one of the few on the right who seems to take the Armstrong Williams bribery business seriously, perhaps because people are always assuming that she is paid off as well".

Speaking of being in denial, some conservatives argue that the Pay to Pander
program is no big deal compared to the CBS scandal. The Clinton administration
did it, too, they point out. Other liberal journalists have failed to disclose
ethically suspicious payments, they steam. Excuses, excuses. I thought we on the
Right stood against such expedient moral equivalence.

There are no
shades of gray about this, friends: the Bush Education Department subsidized a
prominent minority conservative "journalist" with federal taxpayer dollars to
sell black parents on the Teddy Kennedy-inspired No Child Left Behind boondoggle
-- a program that represents the largest single expansion in federal education
spending since Jimmy Carter created the Education Department.

fiscally irresponsible, ethically challenged and possibly illegal arrangement
deserves only one thing from conservatives: unqualified contempt.

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