Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oscar time

Never mind that this lame blog is still called the "Kerry Spot." Why not just call it the "Clinton Spot" or even the "Carter Spot." Its owner, Jim Geraghty seems to think that its a big deal that Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 didn't get an Oscar Nomination. He even thinks it's a big deal that "the left" aren't up in arms over the alleged snub. "But here’s an interesting dog that isn’t barking… Michael Moore gets passed over for the big award he coveted… and the lefty bloggers aren’t up in arms. In fact, nobody on the left is talking about Moore today."
But why would they care? It would seem extremely rare to have a documentary nominated in this category. Roger L. Simon blogger, gasbag knows the real cause however:
Most who are thought of as "Hollywood" are not documentarians to begin with. They are fiction filmmakers, show people. They adopted Moore for a short while to make a point which is now fading even for them. Most people in Hollywood now see, although maybe they won't admit it, that democracy in Iraq is extremely important. For Moore, it's over.
I would have never got the connection between democracy in Iraq and Moore's Oscar hopes with out Roger Simon's help.

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