Thursday, January 20, 2005

Condi and the Klansman

When did wingers become so obsessed with race? "News"max reports: "A former Ku Klux Klansman who once vowed to keep the military segregated is single-handedly holding up the confirmation of Secretary of State-nominee Condoleezza Rice, the first African-American woman to be appointed to the office."
Michelle Malkin states: "Democratic Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd, past recruitment officer for the KKK and former advocate of racial segregation, has announced that he will obstruct the confirmation of the first African-American woman to be nominated to be Secretary of State."
Apparently conservatives have little faith in Condi's knowledge and skills, so they feel compelled to fall back on race and gender as her qualifications for office. "Sheets" Byrd, as Malkin so cleverly calls the West Virginia Democrat, actually treats Rice with more respect. He seems to have taken note of her performance in office, and wants her to be fully vetted by the U.S. Senate before she assumes the senior cabinet position.
Speaking of Byrd, he is the rare politician, who wrote a book worth reading.

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