Monday, January 10, 2005

Steve Sailer takes Alberto Gonzales down in his column at VDare. He not only has a problem of a lax attitude towards torture, but his views on immigration are dubious. But there is also the far more serious issue of competence:

"The best you can say for Gonzales is that he's a tool. He's a classic
minion whose career over the last decade has
consisted of concocting legal rationalizations for whatever George W. Bush wants
to do."
"There is also the detail that Gonzales is flamingly inept. He recently
vetted and endorsed the now-withdrawn nomination of the gangsterish Bernie Kerik
to be Secretary of Homeland Security. But, Bush never fires anybody for
incompetence, just for independence. And that's the single sin you can be sure
Gonzales won't commit."

Of course, that seems to be what the President wants, and what he will get.

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