Monday, January 10, 2005

Big hairy freakin' deal!

Is this the Tsunami that struck from Indonesia to Africa the day after Christmas a natural disaster and tragedy on a scale rarely seen, or just another chance to venilate your political prejudices? For Bill Hobbs and this guy, it seems to be just a chance to score off of their political enemies. The latter writes: "Charities controlled by billionaire ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz have pledged a relatively modest $450,000 to tsunami relief in recent days, with Mrs. Heinz explaining she prefers to keep her charitable contributions local." I don't know what she does with her money, but keeping it local seems like a good idea, especially when everyone else is rushing to give money to Tsunami victims. He adds to news that a Willie Nelson concert raised $75,000, "Big hairy freakin' deal!"
Hobbs writes:

"One of the weirder things in disaster-relief-fundraising is the
Hollwood/celebrity fundraiser or telethon. A network or a group of stars who
could individually or collectively donate millions and do it right now instead
take days or weeks to organize a concert that raises in many cases less than
they could give.
Willie Nelson raised a whopping $75,000. Big deal. He could
have quietly written a check. Or he could have called a press conference,
announced that in lieu of a concert/fundraiser, he was putting an Amazon
donations button on his website and would like for each of his fans to donate
that way, so that not one cent of their donations would go to pay the overhead
of a concert."

Now how does this guy know how much Nelson can write a check for? I know he had problems with the IRS a few years ago. Look for a hasty backtrack if Mel Gibson or Toby Keith participate in a benefit.

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