Monday, September 18, 2006

Tennesseans Against Allen

I don't trust the judgement of Rob Huddleston on the James Webb/George Allen "Meet The Press" debate from yesterday. Huddleston, blogging from Tennesseans For Allen describes Webb as "flaky" and "weak and bullheaded." I watched part of the debate as well, and George Allen was the one who looked weak.

Of course, I don't trust my own judgement on the issue since I can't stand the phony-baloney cowboy/Dubya clone and would like to see him suffer a humiliating defeat this fall, or even better -- eke out a narrow victory that is weak enough to kill his presidential ambitions while forcing him to serve out another term in the Senate.


Rob Huddleston said...

Clark -

Go ahead and support Webb. As soon as you think you have him pegged - poof! - he's flip-flopped on you and joined the GOP!

Most military men are men of conviction. McCain, while I may disagree with his politics of power and progressive ideology, is a man of conviction and worth admiring. I can dig that. Webb is no such thing.

He's a greased pig, and he's the best your party can do in Virginia.



Daniel Larison said...

Has someone mistaken Clark for a Democrat? How funny! Even more amusing is the description of McCain as a man of conviction. This is the same man who wobbled back and forth on the Confederate flag in South Carolina when he discovered that his real fans were in the media rather than in South Carolina; he denounced Falwell as a little more than a bigot and then went to chat him and his supporters up for the next election. He also strikes me as something of an egomaniac, and more than is the case with most politicians, and you get this in his clear sense of self-righteousness and the whole "I'm like TR, I'm fighting against overwhelming odds because I'm a helluva guy" mentality. Frankly, the thought of that guy in the White House is rather frightening.

I am with Clark in being unable to stand Allen, the "monumental fraud" as I recently dubbed him. Webb has switched parties, but it seems to me that he hasn't significantly changed his views on anything related to his main issues of national security.

Anonymous said...

Free Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The bush parade certainly takes some interesting turns. There he is the Chimp in Chief like a giant parade balloon with his clowns (cheney, rice, wolfowitz and others) on the ropes of this unwieldy but predictable float. He is not inflated with evil. However, whatever substance it is that animates him does drift toward evil in the breezes of his own incompetence. There must be other forces and agendas in the man, but they can't be determined because the dolt is kept well beyond the reaches of scrutiny. Does anyone have a solid handle on who he is? It could be the most simple explanation: He is a disaster. Period. But who knows?
Now, his justice dept. will extradite Dog the Bounty Hunter and two of his family members to Mexico where they are guilty of capturing an American rapist. Bush enforcing the laws of Mexico. How absolutely perfect.
If the man had an ounce of dignity, he would pardon the three heroes, and tell Mexico where they can shove it.
But no, they have fallen under the shadow of the grinning balloon. Eclipsed by the Curse of Jorge, they will be added to Bush's toll.
The parade moves on like some bad dream. The bobbing inflated head comes around the corner in search of its next disaster. The stupid grin, the shrug of the shoulders.

Anonymous said...