Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Spin Cycle

Glenn Reynolds notes some battle success in Afghanistan and invents an "MSM-style" negative spin headline to accompany it: "Over 200 killed in renewed Afghan violence."

Darned MSM, putting a negative spin on one of our glorious victories -- at least in Glenn's fantasy world. Reynolds didn't find any actual examples of negative media spin, and the most obvious one didn't even dawn on him -- that this is yet another example of the consequences of the Bush administration hastily declaring victory and failing to follow through.

But that is closer to reality than to spin. The war in Afghanistan is supposed to be over and we are supposed to have won. But the war goes on, as the New York Times reports in an obviously Liberal MSM slanted story:

On a July morning, Taliban gunmen shot dead the province's most powerful cleric as he walked to the main city mosque to lead morning prayers. Five months later, they executed a teacher at a nearby village school as students watched. The following month, they walked into another mosque and gunned down an Afghan engineer working for a foreign aid group, shooting him in the back as he pressed his forehead to the ground and supplicated to God.

This spring and summer, the slow and methodical siege of this southern provincial capital intensified. The Taliban and their allies set up road checkpoints, burned 20 trucks and slowed the flow of supplies to reconstruction projects. All told, in surrounding Helmand Province, five teachers, one judge and scores of police officers have been killed. Dozens of schools and courts have been shuttered, according to Afghan officials.

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Sean Scallon said...

I guess they're into body counts now.