Tuesday, September 19, 2006


I'll stay away from the latest bizarre twist in the Virginia race between James Webb and George Allen other than to generally endorse Daniel Larison's take on the issue. Instead I'll note yet another brewing controversy in the already weird Virginia campaign. At NRO's "Sixers," a special blog dedicated to shilling for Republican candidates, Greg Pollowitz notes that the Webb campaign is referring to their opponent as "George Felix Allen Jr."

Pollowitz whines that "the blog left thinks it's emasculating in some way" and notes that "making fun of someone's name is the definition of 'manly', don't you think?" Pollowitz obviously isn't very familiar with American politics -- candidates often derisively refer to their opponents by their full names ("J. Danforth Quayle"; "William Jefferson Clinton"), and as far as "emasculating" Webb I'll just add that John Kerry looks French.

I would prefer to see George Allen loose the election on the important issue -- he is a senatorial rubber stamp for the failed policies of the Bush administration. If he loses because he has been exposed as a 98-pound weakling like the guy in the Charles Atlas ad, that will be fine with me. So much of Allen's appeal is that he supposedly is a real man. I remember last year when National Review published a cover story on Allen by their editor Tina Brown, er, Rich Lowry. Lowry positively swooned because Allen drinks black coffee and revels in focus-group-tested macho activities such as ridin' a Harley and rootin' for Junior. Who would have thought that a few months into the future the sissy Defeatocrats would nominate someone who makes George Allen look like a wimp?

Felix? Sen. Allen will be lucky to avoid becoming Sen. "Boy Named Sue" by election day.


Sean Scallon said...

How do you know the conservative movement no longer exists? Because here are the leading "conservative" candidates for President in 2008:

George Allen Jr.
Sam Brownback
Newt Gingrich
Mike Huckabee
Bill Frist
and some guy named McCain.

No wonder Guliani leads in many GOP preference polls. What a sorry group even many conservatives wouldn't vote for.

Mark Anderson said...

Clark! Semper Fi! I was on active duty in the Marine Corps infantry from 95 to 99, serving with 3/5. Since I'm not a neocon, for them neocon bastards I always have to add the disclaimer: I did receive an honorable discharge.

I wanted to share a story about a conversation I had with a recently returned Marine Iraq War veteran.

He said, "Marines aren't gay, we just like sodomizing people."

I almost puked. Now those are the people who are going to move right to the front of line at the VA, while people like myself who ended up with health problems from the anthrax vaccine (which isn't even compulsory anymore, as it was when I served), and speak about this at the VA, get labeled "psychotic," and then ignored.

Everything I say on the anthrax vaccine issue comes straight from Congressional reports and government documents, but somehow, my beliefs are "delusional," pursuant to what the VA says about them.