Friday, April 01, 2005

Well Said

The Wandering Hillbilly clearly states what needed to be said:
Ifn ye lack to read the cunservative side of thangs, then i recommend ye check out clark stooksburys blog name of clarkstooksbury, witch the bes thang bout it is how ye caint perdick whut he is a'gone say bout mos innythang. verr thoughtful n not the kind to repeat spin points, far as i kin see, witch that means he bleeves in the cunservative values that wuz importunt to my daddy n his generayshun. ye kin git a lil idee bout how this by readin one of his posts lack "Freedom" of Speech or sum of his longer ritin such as Red Team, Blue Team. ye mite notice rite away how this feller is a real riter that has published thangs in places lack the american conservative.

1 comment:

buddy don said...

thankee fer the lank, sir. i still gut a ways to go befor i git yer stuff red, but so far, tiz wurth it n thats cummin frum a feller thats gut disgusted with the rite (witch they aint really whut cunservatives is really all bout on a counta whar did that huge growth in gummint cum frum? or they borry n spend habits, witch tiz even wurser than tax n spend!).

keep up the good wurk, sir.