Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Michelle Malkin notes the failure of both parties to address the immigration question. Best part:
I have said often that the only thing saving the Republicans on the
immigration issue is the Democrats' stupidity. No more. Hillary may only be
playing dress-up on border security, but that's far more than most of the
cowering GOP elite in Washington is willing to do. And she's not alone among
Democrats who are beginning to exploit the White House's vulnerability.

The failure of both parties on this issue shows the essential childishness of American politics. Immigration, legal or otherwise hardly came up in last fall's presidential campaign. The media and the candidates had far more important issues to focus on -- such as John Kerry's whereabouts in 1968 and George Bush's whereabouts in 1972. Three years after 9/11, one would think that Americans would be more concerned about border security.

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