Monday, April 25, 2005

Sue Ellen, Fearless!

60s generation Baby Boomers were obnoxious and self-absorbed about being young. Is it any surprise that some of them are equally obnoxious and self-absorbed about growing old(note the snotty "Not Your Mother's Midlife" heading)?

Aging is tough, and a pair of boomer women, Nancy Alspaugh and Marilyn Kentz, have a way to help their sisters cope that is as American as apple pie -- gaseous, self-help-style claptrap under the name "Fearless Aging"; combined with a coffee table book:
With their books, seminars, speaking engagements and stage play, Alspaugh and Kentz hope to raise awareness regarding being a middle-aged woman in this twenty-first century; to give them some hope and inspiration and the sense that they are not alone. The Fearless Aging Movement validates this unequaled generation and encourages them to take on the rest of their lives with a renewed sense of power.

But I'm open minded fellow and if if your idea of empowerment is a book that features pictures of 50 something celebrities, such as Linda Gray (best known as the tippling Sue Ellen Ewing of Dallas fame, triumphally hoisting sword aloft, I say knock yourself out.

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