Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lathered Hicks

For the height of delusional drivel, what better source is there than Rush Limbaugh. Here he is today on the Nuclear Option:

RUSH: This morning on the Senate floor, a bunch of Democrats stood up, basically to praise Dingy Harry for failing to get the Republicans to not drop the nuclear bomb. Now, I know that sounds odd, but as you listen to this, it sounds to me exactly like what they're doing. We have the mom in tennis shoes, Patty Murray from Washington, we have Dingy Harry himself, and we have the most partisan man in Washington, Senator Patrick Leahy, also one of the biggest hypocrites in Washington. You hear this and you'll see what I mean. They're lining up to praise Dingy Harry for failing to not get the Republicans to drop the nuclear bomb.

What nonsense. While Reid has not convinced Frist to drop the nuclear threat, Frist has not succeeded in breaking the filibuster. Who exactly is "failing"?

I have come to the perhaps not very original conclusion that Frist doesn't actually want the nuclear option to succeed.

If he actually wanted it to work, then his participation in Justice Sunday was a bad idea. The senators who might be won over by that appear to be on board. Now he needs the senate's remaining Republican moderates, liberals and media darlings.

By dragging the issue out Frist hopes to keep the red state hicks in a lather, while yet again failing to make substantive progress on their pet issues.

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