Friday, February 11, 2005


VDare has an article about thought control at FreeRepublic. This time, the issue is oppostition to the presidents immigration policies:
Members and readers of Free Republic would be surprised to know that many members of their community have fallen silent on the discussions about illegal immigration lately because free speech is an illusion on They are silent because they have been banned from the Web site without warning, cause, or explanation in most cases. For weeks the moderators have been suspending and banning new members that chimed in quickly on the immigration debates.

In spite of its name, FreeRepublic is devoted to slavish worship of the president and Ann Coulter. I was banned a couple of years ago. I never learned exactly why, but I think it is because I posted an article by Steve Sailer. In defense of the Freeper people, I knew or at least suspected that it was a thoughtcrime in their view and posted it anyway. To get the essence of FreeRepublic, check out their daily dose of presidential pictures with worshipful captions and comments.


Tex MacRae said...
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Glaivester said...

Speaking of Bush worship, do you ever read Richard Poe's website or his blog on the website?

Clark said...

I can't get past Poe's porn-actor mustache.

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