Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rock, Hard Place

Pat Buchanan spells out the U.S. dilemma in Iraq. Our presence is both the cause of the terrorist insurgency, and the only thing keeping it from prevailing at the present time.

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Glaivester said...

There is an obvious solution to this issue, one that it is increaingly likely will be used if casualties get much higher.
If the Sunni Arabs (the Kurds are mostly Sunnis, but generally when dividing Iraq ethnically, we refer to the Sunni Arabs simply as Sunnis) are the problem, simply get rid of them. No more Sunnis, then the insurgency won't be a problem whatever we do.

I think that Pat is seeing the insurgency as a conundrum because he has more faith in the Bush administration and their commitment to being humane than I have.