Wednesday, February 16, 2005

All hail the maximum leader!

The Freepers indulge in their daily worship service. What amazes is the way they think he is not just a great president, but practically perfect in every way, as this comment attests:

Remember that one-year memorial ceremony in NYC for the victims of 9/11, how absolutely maudlin it was, till George and Laura came down the ramp, began meeting with the families, and within several minutes, the heaviness was dispelled, rocketed out of there, replaced with the joy and comfort of the Lord expressed through these two? I'll never forget it. It didn't take long and the families were smiling, getting the Bush's autographs, slapping one another on the back, even in the midst of tears.

Everybody didn't play nice. Scrolling through, you notice replies to a comment that has been removed by the FreeRepublic's ever present thought police.

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