Monday, February 28, 2005

Looking for bias

It must be getting tough for Brent Bozell and his chronies to justify their phony-baloney jobs. The first two items in Monday's "CyberAlert" stretch the concept of media watchdog to the limit. The Headline for the first states, "Oscar Audience Applauds Louder for Fareheit 9-11 Than The Passion." Wow. Is the Oscars audience a media source? Will we soon see "CBS Evening News with the Audience from the Oscars?"
The second "expose" is of an Andy Rooney commentary. Rooney, "Hail[ed] Liberal Presidents, Dismiss[ed] Reagan as a Divider." I don't defend Rooney's views. Once he has said, that Woodrow Wilson is great, "because of his idea for the League of Nations"; I have to conclude that Rooney is such a fool that I wouldn't trust him to tell me the time of day. But his slot on Sixty Minute is commentary. It is supposed to be biased.

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