Sunday, March 09, 2008

World Made By Hand

Two views of Kunstler's World Made by Hand by John Galvin in Orion and by Reihan Salam (via Rod Dreher) in the New York Sun. Dreher also links to book's website that features a trailer. An interesting promotional tool for a book that depicts the end of technological civilization.


Flavius Aetius said...
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Flavius Aetius said...

With the resignation of Adm Fallon we may not even make it to this point. The last man in a white coat has left and now the lunatics truly have full run of the asylum.

Anonymous said...

as long as we have windmills and solar we can have "some" electricity even if the absolute wost happened.

We have 500 years worth of coal, which can be converted into oil at about six bucks a gallon.

We have most of the worlds' shale oil in the West, which would cost about five bucks a gallon at least to get at. It has to be "melted" by heated rods in order to be pumped. Candada has about as much oil in sand as Saudi Arabia does in the ground. We have all the oil on the continental shelf out in the ocean.

Im sorry, but Ive read a little Kuntsler. He is an extremley ugly profoundly bald-headed little man who hates the rest of humanity with a passion. His book is the dream of environmentalist who also hate humanity. They joy in the humiliation of humankind. They'd like men to return to till the earth with their hands. I would not. Sorry.