Saturday, March 01, 2008

George Schuyler

First Principles, ISI's new web journal, just published my review of George S. Schuyler: Portrait of a Black Conservative, by Oscar Williams. Schuyler is largely forgotten today but he lived a fascinating life as an adventurer/journalist. Perhaps like American life in general, he was far more interesting in the years before World War II than in the years after.


JT said...

Clark, Nice review of the George Schuyler biography. In May 1945, Schuyler's epitaph of FDR appeared in Politics. Politics was a little-circulated but influential magazine based in NYC. Its founder and editor was the incomparable Dwight Macdonald. Its writers included a then-largely-unknown George Orwell. By the 1960s, Schuyler was writing for the John Birch Society journal American Opinion. From incipient New Left to latter-day Old Right. What they had in common with each other, and with Schuyler, was an ability to see through and then condemn "totalitarian liberals" and "limousine liberals."

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