Monday, March 17, 2008

Who Cares?

How is it that media and political culture in this country manages to focus almost exclusively on trivial non-issues? The kerfuffle of the moment lay in the fact that the recently retired minister of Barack Obama's church appears to be a nut. This is about 1/50,000th as important as the devastating impact of corn subsidies on the U.S. economy, health and environment; a subject that never gets discussed.

When one considers the ongoing quagmire in Iraq and the looming depression, the quality of Obama's spiritual advisors seems even more trivial.


SpecialEyes said...

The reason nothing note worthy ever comes up in the news is due to the fact that our news is filtered behind the scenes. Therefore what you watch as news is really not as accurate as one might think. Propaganda is big business. The pertinent issues are thrown to the wayside and alot of credit worthy stories and issues that the American people need to hear they are not hearing and thus the current problem we are having today. I really believe that Sen. Clinton is runing a dirty campaign against Obama. One can't help but to wonder if she herself is not harboring a little racism. I do not think she would make a good president her and Bill had there turn like bush I think the country needs a fresh start and a fresh face, and i'm sorry to say it but Obama is that face of the future that America has been hiding from because of fear of the unkonown. However if I remember corectly this country was not started by people who new exactly what they were doing with extensive record on running a country, however here we are today 500 years later and we're still going strong. That's why I think it's a good idea to give Obama a try.

Anonymous said...

I disagree................the fact that Obammy sits there and listens to a preacher who believes AIDS was manufactured to kill black people in a Maryland Labratory and that WMD's will be planted in Iraq "like the LAPD plants drugs on black me" needs to get out.

I would want to know if McCain belonged to some sect that believed Jesus was forced to come back if a great middle eastern nuclear war was started from the west or something kooky like that also. Obama isn't running for mayor, and post-Bush the presidency has so much discretionary unchecked power aside from congress that its more important than matter how much we waste in corn subsidies which is indeed a huge loss for taxpayers