Friday, August 11, 2006

Reality is Optional

Yet another example that for the War Party; facts, logic and reality are all optional. Daniel Henninger in Opinion Journal:

That was unfortunate timing this week for the Lamont Democrats, declaring themselves officially the antiwar party within 24 hours of the Brits foiling an Islamic terror plot to spread thousands of U.S.-bound bodies across the North Atlantic, or perhaps across New York, Boston and Washington as the planes descended. Yes, we know; they support the war on terror but are merely against George Bush's war in Iraq. How does that work?

Last week before the Lamont victory, 12 members of the congressional Democratic leadership sent President Bush a letter urging that he start a phased pullout from Iraq, euphemized as a "redeployment," starting before the end of this year. But it is becoming increasingly fantastic to argue that Iraq, with its apparently limitless supply of suicide bombers, hasn't much to do with the terror threats manifest elsewhere.

Put it this way: From the perspective as of yesterday of getting on a U.S. airliner, who would you rather have in the Senate formulating policy toward this threat--Ned Lamont or Joe Lieberman? (Emphasis Added)

Now, why is it "increasingly fantastic" to "argue that Iraq . . . hasn't much to do with the terror threats manifiest elsewhere?" Henninger doesn't say. I'm not sure how the British broke up the most recent terror plot, but I'm pretty sure that U.S. Marines getting blown up by IED's in Iraq had nothing to do with it.

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Dead Hippie said...

I'm confused.

The warbots have spent three years telling me that the typical jihadi is a brainwashed, irrational, death-seeking maniac whose singular motivation is to commit acts of pure evil.

Yet to believe Cheney and co., the sinister agenda of extreme Islam was largely dictated by the outcome of the Connecticut Democrat Primary!

That gets my vote for the stupidest, most inane talking point of the entire post-9/11 era...