Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Throw out every other comment on Sen. George Allen's most recent Jackassery, and replace it with the wisdom of Larison:
The most offensive thing about the speech to my ears was not his use of the slur, but the implication that he, preppie Californian transplant and Beltway insider George Allen, was some sort of down-home boy who was in touch with the real people, while the veteran Jim Webb, proud son of Scots-Irish stock, is supposed to be a wine-and-cheeser off partying with Hollywood types.


Daniel Larison said...

Thanks for the compliments. Following up on this little episode, I saw Allen's "apology" that tried to turn all of this around on Jim Webb's supposed ignorance of the "real world of Virginia." That made me mad, and I penned another item on that:



Anonymous said...

Larison says he is going to cut back on his writing which would be a shame. I dont think he knows how many readers/fans he has out there. We need him.
Steve A

Anonymous said...

Larison, Clark, and Matthew Fish are my favorite bloggers.