Monday, August 07, 2006


Jed Babbin, in the midst of yet another hysterical, rightwing defense of Joe Lieberman ("Now the Michael Moore-Pinch Sulzberger-Cindy Sheehan Dems are about to purge poor ol' Joe Lieberman from their party in Tuesday's primary because he supports the war in Iraq.") drops this statement on the reader:
Last week the Associated Press joined Team Clinton by helping her prepare for Lieberman's fall. On Wednesday, there was an AP story written around her letter to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld commanding him to reverse course and testify at a hastily scheduled Armed Services Committee hearing on Iraq. The story, of course, quoted no Republicans, but made up a "furor' about Rumsfeld's declining to testify. Then, when the Big Dog changed his mind and showed up to debate the ankle-biters, AP obliged with another story -- again featuring Mizz Hillary and her "showdown" with Rumsfeld -- that reported him in disorganized retreat from her furious onslaught. (If he was in retreat, so was Patton at Bastogne.) (emphasis added)
Ignore his hysterical notion that there must some conspiracy involved because the AP covered a senate hearing -- Babbin believes that Rumsfeld is such a Great Man, a giant even; that the senators who dare to question him are like tiny, yapping dogs.


Anonymous said...

Please check out the third quote at the bottom of Wikipedia's Babbin entry. I could tell Babbin and his crowd something about "losing patience".

Matt Hardwick said...

A few idle comments...

Last week the Associated Press joined Team Clinton by helping her prepare for Lieberman's fall.

...Is this, I ask rhetorically, the same "Team Clinton" that has not only rivaled the Republicans in warmongering 'tude but whose husband has done his damnedst to add momentum to the "Joe-mentum"?

Babbin believes that Rumsfield is such a great man, a giant even,

One of those yapping dogs, Thomas Ricks, who apparently was one of the few pro-military reporters to keep a honest view of military-civilian relations even after it became politcally incorrect to do so, quotes retired Army Col. Lloyd Matthews as saying:

Donald Rumsfeld is a remarkably complex study, with huge reservoirs of talent and intelligence, marred by towering hubris...He's up, he's down, and he'll continue in this sine wave pattern throughout his public career, and very likely be down at the end, because he fails to recognize that despite his gifts, he is in a business where defeats are inevitable, all victories are fleeting, and where one's best defense is the homely quality of grace and humility which he so sorely lacks.

And which Mr. Babbin so sorely lacks as well, apparently.