Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lukacs on Neocons

John Lukacs on neocons, from an essay titled "The Poverty of Anticommunism" in Remembered Past:
Some of the shrillest prophets of anticommunism in the "conservative" camp . . . were former Communists or Trotskyites. Then in the late 1960s, the wave of neoconservatism arose -- composed mostly of men and women for whom it had taken fifty years to discover that the Russians were anti-Semitic. Since then, all of the dishonest and imbecile Revisionists and Revolutionaries of the 1960s notwithstanding, and all of the lamentable presence of Political Correctness in American universities notwithstanding, the influence of these so-called neoconservatives has been more and more evident, and in certain areas of public discourse even prominent. Are they more honest, or better thant the pinkish lib-lab intellectuals of the twenties and the thirties? In some instances, perhaps yes; generally, alas, no.

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