Friday, April 21, 2006


Here's a particularly egregious post by Glenn Reynolds (in support of an egregious column by Charles Krauthammer). According to Reynolds, the "left," who by granting a hearing to the complaints of some retired generals are thereby "pushing the idea that generals should run things." I actually emailed him asking who made that argument, but no response. He then updated his column with a email from a reader:

UPDATE: Reader Rachel Walker emails:

I understand the right to dissent. Heck, it's been my side's rallying cry since it lost to Bush in the Supreme Court in 2000. But the logic of this dissent puts their train of thought far into the (dare I say it) fascist line of behavior, since they are basically calling for the military to control all things.

This is what contrarian arguing can end up doing - leading one into exactly what they did not intend to be. I had to learn the lesson that not every action equals a proper reaction.


How did we get to fascism, and is listening to military complaints the same as giving the military "control" of " all things"?

I humbly submit that it is a huge leap from Anthony Zinni or John Batiste giving an interview to the New York Times airing their complaints about the performance of Rumsfeld . . . to Zinni and Batiste marching into the Pentagon with an army of antiwar hippies and seizing control of the government.

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