Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Atlas Flipped

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If they gave out Oscars for non sequiturs, this nutjob would win in a walk:

This story speaks for itself. The mainstream media will paint Israel in the most impossible, almost demonic light while tenderly, gingerly making love to killers and savages. But the following story really says it all;

On Thursday evening, an Israeli couple gave rides to three hitchhikers. One, disguised as a religious Jew, was a suicide bomber, who blew himself up in the car at the entrance to the community of Kedumim. Body parts were hurled dozens of feet. The car burned for an hour.

Unbowed, the International Herald Tribune cites a completely discredited, Jew hating study to prop up its antisemitic ravings here.

What is really at play here? A struggle as old as time. The struggle between good and evil. My dear, brilliant friend and soul mate, Dr. Helen, points to the "involvement in antisemitism involves probably every person through his/her family at one point or another.

The suicide bombing has nothing to do with the study of the powerful Israel lobby by Mearsheimer and Walt. But hey, what does it matter? We might just as well stipulate that anybody who hasn't donated to the Likud party in, say, the last week or so is a Nazi. It sure beats making arguments. You don't need those when you are a Pajamas blogger who knows how to use the color and bold function.

P.S. I almost forgot to throw in the fact that the study has the support of David Duke. Wouldn't want to forget that.

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